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Seymour Aloysius Grinstead

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Seymour Aloysius Grinstead was born on August 28, 1925, to Dolores and Michael Grinstead in Wells, England. His father was a portrait photographer and Seymour grew up as an apprentice to his father. He found the still medium of the portraitist stifling and beame fascinated with the moving image. He joined the Royal Grenadiers, a division of the army of the United Kingdom, and with his training in photography, was assigned as a film documentarian of the European campaign. His presence at the landings at Normandy have colored our view of that historic moment, since his eye behind the camera was responsible for much of the Allied footage of that historic moment in World War II. Later, he would direct such World War II epics as Agony at Arromanches and The Liberation of Caens, which drew upon his artistic sentiment and eyewitness memories of people and places.

Seymour Grinstead not only excelled in the war film genre, but he also made his name with such romantic thrillers as Love on Furlough and Cold War Heat. He was married to a young actress, Myrna Lord, who starred in his first World War II film success, but divorced her after only three years of marriage. He has three children with the producer Mary Nicholson, with whom he has lived for 23 years.

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Film Content & Themes

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Grinstead's film oevre is very easy to characterize insofar that it deals with the familiar themes of love and war. His experience in World War II influenced him to such an extent that it was to characterize his output his entire professional life. The influence of Director 1 on Grinstead is unmistakable.
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Major Films & Awards

  • Agony at Arromanches, 1957, Oscar nominee for Best Director
  • Victory at Vendome, 1958
  • The Liberation of Caens, 1959, Palme d'Or, 1959
  • Love on Furlough, 1961, Oscar for Best Director
  • Divorce on D-Day, 1962
  • Cold War Heat, 1965

Video Clips

Original footage from Grinstead's French Campaign documentary Dans la nuit de l'infer


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